Play and visit historic florida

Dates: June 8 - 9, 2024
Location: Sebring, FL (Highlands County Sports Complex)
Price: $1,450 per team
($1450/team (1 - 5 teams); $1350/team (6+ teams); 8U $950/team))
​Game Guarantee: 4 games



Boys: 10U-A, 10U-B, 12U-A, 12U-B, 14U-A, 14U-B, HS-B, HS-A, HS-AA

Girls: LS, MS A, MS B, HS A, HS B


Each team registered is guaranteed 4 games.

Boys Play 10 v 10 (10U and younger play 7 v 7); Girls Play 12 v 12

Event Highlights

The 2024 Florida Blast is a Summer tournament event that is part of the Florida United Lacrosse Cup series. The Florida Blast offers a complete array of competitive divisions.

The first 100 teams to register will get the spots. More than 100 teams representing their respective programs and high schools participated in the previous Vero Beach Blast events!

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Your stay at the host hotels supports the tournament's overall success and charitable giving as well as strengthens the Blast’s ability to secure the most competitive rate for future events.
  • Shock
  • Storm
  • Bay Area Sandsharks
  • 954 Lax
  • Palms
  • True Lacrosse
  • PV Jaws
  • Eclipse
  • Polk County LC
  • Fury
  • Calusa LC
  • Surge
  • Storm
  • LCO
  • Creator's Game
  • Oh Yeah
  • Storm Polk
  • Grizzlies
  • Space Coast
  • Tribe
  • FLX



It is the expectation of Florida United Lacrosse that all clubs, teams and players competing in
any FUL tournament fully comply with the Rules & Guidelines as outlined below.
Any effort to circumvent the spirit and/or intent of the Rules & Guidelines may result in the
disqualification of the affected club, team, and/or player(s) from any current or future FUL

Special attention will be paid to any infractions / violations of the Eligibiliy for Particpation
requirements.  The Administrator and/or Coach of each club / team, by registering their
respective team(s) for an FUL tournament, certifies that the credentials of each player on the
roster complies with age, roster, and other requirements as it relates to player assignments and
that each player has electronically signed the waiver for each event.

Coaches/Administrators may be asked by League or Tournament officials to further certify
and/or verify player roster assignments and age compliance at any time prior to or during the
event.  Violations of the Eligibility for Participation requirements will not be tolerated.
Tournament fees will not be refunded to any club / team /player disqualified from an FUL event.

Tournament Directors reserve the right render any interpretation, make any decision, or take any
action it deems is in the best interests of the tournament, and its participating players and teams.


National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) rules will be enforced except as otherwise stated


Eligibility rules for participation in Florida United Lacrosse tournaments are intended to
reinforce the honor, spirit and traditions of the sport of lacrosse; provide a safe, competitive
environment for players; and offer an enjoyable fan experience for spectators.

We regularly monitor the eligibility rules of US Lacrosse, the governing body for the sport in the
United States, and other similarly organized and operated tournament events, and seek to
synchronize our Rules & Guidelines with these organizations wherever and whenever possible.

However, we reserve the right to set, establish and promulgate rules which ensure the most fair,
equitable, and safe competitive environment possible.

General eligibility rules include:
 All players are required to be an active and fully-paid member of U.S. Lacrosse and
certify such membership;
 All coaches are required to be an active and fully-paid member of U.S. Lacrosse and
certify such membership;
 All players must be registered online using FUL tournament player registration system.
There are no exceptions to this requirement.  Failure to register teams and players in a
timely and accurate manner may result in tournament disqualification;
 Player eligibility is determined based on projected year of graduation.  Although age may
be used by other organizations, it is not the predeterming factor in FUL events;
 Any player, regardless of age, who has played on a Varsity or JV team must play on a
team in the High School A or B division. Such player may not compete on a middle
school-level (14-U) team;
 Any player, regardless of age, who is a rising senior must play on a team in the High
School A/Varsity/18U division. Such player may not compete on a High School
B/JV/16u team;
 The following table should be used to determine team level eligibility:


Rosters are set for each tournament.  Teams may not move or transfer players between teams
within or outside the club regardless of eligibility.  Once a player has been assigned and accepted
for a particular team, that player may only participate on that team at that specific tournament.

A player(s) may be disqualified for any of the following violations:

 Player not listed on the team’s official tournament roster;
 Player participating on more than one team in the tournament;
 New players appearing for games that are not listed on the official roster;
 Player participating that are too old for the respective division.


All fields will be regulation size.  Any modification(s) to regular field size will be determined in
advance of the tournament event and communicated as appropriate to participants.


 Game time is managed and maintained by the officials.
 Referees notify coaches at the five minute mark of the first half and at the five minute
mark and two minute mark of the second half;
 Referees keep penalty time on the field, some instances the table attendant will keep


Games will be scheduled in 50 minute blocks, which will permit complete game competition,
efficient movement from field-to-field between games, and the handling of any potential
procedural game delays.

 Two (2) 22 minute running halves;
 Three minute halftime;
 One (1) timeout per game per team.  Timeouts may not be used in the last five minutes of
either half nor may timeouts be called during penalties;
 Clock does not stop on a timeout;
 Timeouts cannot be taken during a penalty;
 Stalling rules are in effect during the last two minutes of the game. The winning team
must keep the ball in the attack area (box);
 Games ending in a tie will be decided by braveheart (3 players and one goalie)


Penalty time will be time and a half and kept by table personnel.  The In-Home will serve
goalie’s penalties except Unsportsmanlike Conduct which goalie must serve himself.


Please Review on Tourney Machine per Tournament schedule.


Protesting coach has 2 hours upon completion of the game in question to contact officials. FUL
officials have final say in any protested game.


The proliferation of fighting and other unsportsmanlike conduct by players, coaches, spectators,
etc. has reached unacceptable proportions and will not be tolerated at FUL events. Any player,
coach or spectator that is involved in a fight or other types of unsportsmanlike conduct will be
immediately ejected from the game and the remainder of the tournament.  All ejected person(s)
will be required to immediately leave the grounds of the facility.  If the ejected person refuses to
leave the field of play or continues to cause a disturbance that prohibits the game from
proceeding, FUL staff reserves the right to contact local law enforcement for assistance.
In the case of a fight during a game, on or off the field, FUL staff will defer to game officials to
determine player and/or spectator involvement and the determination of punitive actions.  FUL
staff will only consult tournament officials (game official, scorer’s table staff, or FUL staff) in
making determinations.

Game officials reserve the right, and have the authority, to end a game if the game cannot be
safely controlled.


Players, coaches, or other team representatives may be ejected from a game for inappropriate /
unsportsmanlike conduct.  If a player, coach, or team representative is ejected from a game, that
person is also suspended from the team's next scheduled game.
If a goalie is ejected from a game, the game clock will be stopped to allow a replacement goalie
time to properly suit up.

If a player, coach, or team representative is ejected for fighting, they will be immediately ejected
from the entire tournament and as indicated above.


The Tournament Directors of Florida United Lacrosse tournaments reserve the right to cancel,
shorten, or reschedule tournament games due to inclement weather, poor field conditions, or
player / spectator safety concerns and considerations.  No refunds will be granted if these actions
are necessary.  Tournament Directors and their representatives will communicate game changes.
Schedule changes will be available at the Information Tent and on Tourney Machine.